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Egg transport in Baskeet

The enset plant is not only an important source of food in Baskeet but also the leaves, cords, fibres etc. of the plant are made use of. An important use of the leaves is for egg baskets. A fresh leaf … Continue reading

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Publication on the Grammar of Questions in Baskeet

[Back again on wordpress after a long silence:] There are not yet many publications on the Baskeet language (see a list of references here) but recently an article of mine on the grammar of questions (“Interrogativity in Baskeet”) has occurred … Continue reading

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Gamo and Dorze music

Have a look at this fantastic video of the performances of the Tsalke Ha Hu Folk Group from Gamo – filmed by Vincent Moon and Jacob Kirkegaard in Addis Ababa. An interview with the French film-maker can be read here. … Continue reading

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