Baskeet-English Glossary

The page provides a list of all the Baskeet words used in this blog. The list grows with each new post. (Abbreviations: L = low tone, H = high tone)

The links take you to blogposts with more information on the individual words or to illustrative pictures.

anga (HL) ‘ring (toy for children)’
anjide (LHL) ‘bless; thank’
ankka (LH) ‘hooded vulture’
arak’i (LLH) ‘brandy’ (< Amharic loan)
bakk’ide (LHL) ‘slap, play (the drum); strum (the lyre)’
bas (H) ‘bush’
baskit (LH) ‘sorghum variety (with white seeds)’
biilim (LH) ~ bilbila (LHL) ‘small calabash or bamboo flute (played by shepherds)’
boocci (LH) ‘wide-mouthed calabash’
buni keetts (LH L) ‘kitchen’ (lit. “coffee house”)
b’ita (HL) ‘small musical instrument made from the horn of an antelope’
B’ooda (LH) ‘Bodi (Western neighbours of the Baskeet)’
c’ajja (LH) ‘mead’ (< Amharic loan)
dak’sha (LH) ‘young female sheep’
dampi goyss (LH L) ‘water-pipe’
deyshi (LH) ‘goat/sheep’
dibba (HH) ‘drum’
diha (HL) ‘ocarina’
Dim (H) ‘Dime (Western neighbours of the Baskeet)’
diɁ (H) ‘granary’
doga (HH) (probably:) ‘waterbuck’
dona (LH) ‘sweet potatoes’
dori (LH) ‘sheep’
dorti (LH) ‘goat’
d’oots’a (HL) ‘thick-billed raven’
dukkide (LHL) ‘peck; pluck (the lyre)’
d’ok’d’ok’a (HHH) ‘mourning bell’
d’ooba (LH) ‘undivided calabash with a constricted middle’
gaapi keetts (LH L) ‘mortuary’
gabar (LH) (probably:) ‘Menelik’s bushbuck’
gall (H) ‘body’
gamma (LH) ‘cow skin’
Ganshir (LH) = quarter of Laska (northwest)
(H) ‘Galila Aari’ (Southern neighbours of the Baskeet)
gawli (LH) ‘uncastrated male goat’
gibaaba (LLH) ‘traditional umbrella made from palm leaves’
gitimi (LHL) ‘shield’
(H) ‘assistant of a traditional clan leader’ (see kaati below)
(LH) ‘leather strap’
goyss (H) ‘calabash’
(LH) ‘navel’
(LHL) ‘wattled ibis’
(LLH) ‘silvery-cheeked hornbill’
(LHL) ‘make peace, be reconciled’
iri kaat
(HL L) ‘rain-maker’
(LLH) ‘enset flour’
(LHL) ‘umbrella (modern)’ (< Amharic loan) (cf. gibaaba above)
(LH) ‘game’
(LH) ‘traditional spiritual clan leader’
kalsha (HH) ‘parasol tree’
kalsha (HL) ‘maize dumplings’
karaba (LLH) ‘drum’ (< Amharic loan) (cf. dibba above)
keettsi (LH) ‘house’
keettsi (LH) maata (LH) ‘thatch’ (lit. “house grass”)
kiira (HL) ‘enset leaf ring (put on the head when carrying a heavy load)’
kobshina (LLH) ~ kobac (LH) ‘multiply branching pole used to keep chicken nests and pots safe from cats, dogs and children’
kocci (LH) ‘calabash plant’
kol (H) ‘billy-goat’
kor keetts (H L) ‘house in which guests are received and ritual objects stored’ (lit. “rattle house”)
kora (HH) ‘rattles’
korp (H) ‘young female goat’
korz (H) ‘mourning procession’
koyri (LH) ‘tree species (undetermined) used for the production of drums’
k’anda (LH) ‘half calabash (used as drinking vessel)’
k’arkk’ (H) ‘bundle (of coffee leaves)’
k’oti goyss (LH H) ‘butter calabash’
k’ottsi man (HL L) ‘(members of the) smith clans’
Laska (LH) = administrative centre of Baskeet
(LH) Simba (HH) = quarter of Laska, Upper Laska
Laska (LH) Baakkalla (HHH) = quarter of Laska, Lower Laska
(LHL) ‘mow down, kill in large numbers’
(LH) ‘cow bell’
mani (LH) ‘caste encompassing the potter clans and the smith clans’
marzi (LH) ‘ram’
mayts’itts (LH) ‘proverb
meetts’a (LH) ‘palm-tree’ (Hyphaene thebaica)
mohi (LH) ‘Cordia abyssinica’
mos (H) ‘sorghum’
(LH) ‘wooden horn’
(HH) ‘long wooden horns (played in a set of two)’
(LH) ‘horn made of wood and a cow horn’
oti man
(HL L) ‘(members of the) potter clans’
(LH) ‘beer’ (Dookki parsa ‘thick beige-coloured beer’ = Amh. borde, Amari parsa  ‘dark beer’ = Amh. t’älla)
pittsa (HH) ‘winnowing plate made from bamboo’
(LHL) ‘blow, play (a wind instrument), play (the lyre)’
(LH) ‘ball of cotton yarn’
(H) ‘goat/sheep skin’
(LH) ‘goat skins halves (hung to the gate of the mortuary)’
(HL) ‘sheath, glove, protective cover’
(LHL) ‘bamboo flute (four holes)’
(LHL) ‘drink cheek to cheek together from one calabash as a sign of friendship’
(LH) ‘spear’
toss (H) ‘story’
ts’oossi (LH) ‘God; sacred grove’
ts’oossi immoThank you
ultuta (LHL) ‘pipe made from a cow horn’
usshide (LHL) ‘make drink; water (a musical instrument)’
uupa (HL) ‘thin pancake (made e.g. from millet, maize, sorghum, cassava)’
uutts (H) ‘enset plant; enset corm’
yeepi (LH) ‘mourning; mourning ceremony’
waash (H) ‘fermented enset pulp’
woysa (LH) ‘bamboo pipe (played in a set of 6 pipes)’
yeepi (LH) ‘mourning, mourning ceremony’
yetts (H) ‘(wedding/mourning) song’
zaya (LH) ‘bamboo trumpet’ (played in a set of 3)
zimbi (LH) ‘lyre (five-stringed)’
zimbi mitts (LH L) ‘plectrum (lit. “lyre stick”)’

Other language material is found in the posts on numerals, greetings and thanking.

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