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Egg transport in Baskeet

The enset plant is not only an important source of food in Baskeet but also the leaves, cords, fibres etc. of the plant are made use of. An important use of the leaves is for egg baskets. A fresh leaf … Continue reading

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Children’s toys in Baskeet

Like in most places in rural areas of Ethiopia, Baskeet children have to be content with self-made toys from stones, sticks, bamboo rods, wires and other little things that are thrown away or not of much other use. With this … Continue reading

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Laska: Thursday market

If you are reading this post on a Thursday, then the big market square and the adjacent streets in Laska are bustling right now with sellers, buyers, mediators, onlookers, porters, pack animals and lorries. The big Thursday markets take place … Continue reading

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