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Egg transport in Baskeet

The enset plant is not only an important source of food in Baskeet but also the leaves, cords, fibres etc. of the plant are made use of. An important use of the leaves is for egg baskets. A fresh leaf … Continue reading

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Baskeet Coffee. Part 2: Bean Coffee

The Baskeet people in South Ethiopia produce two different types of coffee: leaf coffee and bean coffee. Leaf coffee has been introduced in my last blogpost, here’s part 2 about bean coffee. The Baskeet word aap has several meanings, among … Continue reading

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Baskeet Coffee. Part 1: Leaf Coffee

On every Baskeet farm, a small section is covered with coffee trees. The trees provide coffee leaves and coffee beans, and, of course, wood when they are felled. They also offer shade to other plants growing underneath. The picture below … Continue reading

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