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Baskeet Neighbours

When I was scanning my field diaries the other day, a small piece of paper I had already forgotten about fell out of my notebooks.  On this paper I had scribbled some notes about how the Baskeet call their neighbours … Continue reading

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Names and Naming: Dookka and Doolla are not Baskeet “dialects”

Today’s post is another post in the (unofficial) series “Refuting wrong (or unproven) but widespread claims about the Baskeet language.” Baskeet is an Omotic language spoken in the Basketo Special Woreda and in parts of the Melokoza Woreda of the … Continue reading

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Folk etymologies in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a great place for the collection of folk etymologies. If you are interested in toponomy (the study of the history of place names) and unusual explanations and myths surrounding place names, then Ethiopia could become your field of … Continue reading

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