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Gallery: Baskeet lyre players

This gallery contains 26 photos.

My last two posts have dealt with the lyre, the most important musical instrument in Baskeet. During my last fieldtrip in Baskeet I have worked with a number of lyre players who readily shared their musical knowledge with me. In … Continue reading

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The techniques and vocabulary of lyre playing

In my last post, the Baskeet lyre (zimbi) has been portrayed. Today, I take a look at the vocabulary of lyre playing. In the Baskeet language, playing a lyre is literally expressed as “blowing” a lyre. The central meaning of … Continue reading

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Musical instruments in Baskeet: Lyre

The most important and most widespread musical instrument in Baskeet is the lyre. It is the only cordophone/string instrument played in Baskeet. It is played by both men and women and produced locally. Its Baskeet name is zimbi. The first … Continue reading

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