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Insignia of Baskeet elders: Feathers of the African Paradise Flycatcher

The traditional elders of the Baskeet clans carry different insignia, which make them stand out from the crowd during religious and cultural ceremonies. Among these insignia are the tail feathers of the African Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis), which some elders … Continue reading

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The techniques and vocabulary of lyre playing

In my last post, the Baskeet lyre (zimbi) has been portrayed. Today, I take a look at the vocabulary of lyre playing. In the Baskeet language, playing a lyre is literally expressed as “blowing” a lyre. The central meaning of … Continue reading

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Picture taken in January 2009 on the field of Donka near Laska, Basketo Special Woreda (Click to enlarge): The picture will later help to illustrate the following dictionary entry: The Baskeet words are given above in a Latin-based script and … Continue reading

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