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The Baskeet Museum

The Baskeet Museum is found in Lower Laska (Laska Baakkalla), about 200m south of the main road. It was opened in November 2008. The central building on the museum compound contains a collection of musical instruments, household articles (pottery, calabashes), … Continue reading

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Laska: Thursday market

If you are reading this post on a Thursday, then the big market square and the adjacent streets in Laska are bustling right now with sellers, buyers, mediators, onlookers, porters, pack animals and lorries. The big Thursday markets take place … Continue reading

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Laska: The roundabout

Laska is the administrative centre of the Basketo Special Woreda and the place where I live when I am in the field. This post introduces a new category of my blog.  The “Laska” category is meant to present the landmarks … Continue reading

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