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Egg transport in Baskeet

The enset plant is not only an important source of food in Baskeet but also the leaves, cords, fibres etc. of the plant are made use of. An important use of the leaves is for egg baskets. A fresh leaf … Continue reading

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More Baskeet on YouTube

The “Jesus Film” I talked about in my last post is not the only Baskeet material found on YouTube. The sound file of the Baskeet version of “Words of Life”, i.e. another media file with Biblical content, is also available: … Continue reading

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Baskeet language found on YouTube

I still remember that I stumbled across two white (American?) families in the streets of Laska (the capital of the Baskeet area) in 2009 when I spent several months in the field. Their presence came as a surprise to me, … Continue reading

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