My name is Yvonne Treis. I am a linguist and presently working on the documentation and description of Baskeet, a little known language of the Omotic family spoken in Ethiopia.

This blog has accompanied my two-year post-doc project “Documentation of Baskeet song, verbal art and ceremonial language” – a project sponsored by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (2011-2013). The project was hosted by the CNRS/INALCO-laboratory LLACAN (Langage, langues et cultures d’Afrique noire). In October 2013, I was employed as a research fellow (chargĂ©e de recherche) in the same laboratory, where I continue my documentary and descriptive work of Baskeet. And I continue running this blog.

My interest in Baskeet started in 2008 and I have since travelled twice three four times to Laska, a small town in the centre of the Baskeet-speaking area.

This is Laska:

In spite of being the administrative center of Basketo, Laska is not indicated on maps available online (e.g. Google maps). But Laska is here:


Other research interests

Half of my research time is dedicated to another Ethiopian language, Kambaata (Cushitic). Kambaata is only distantly related (if at all related) to Baskeet. It is also spoken in the South of Ethiopia, but only a day’s journey southwest of Addis Ababa. Or a day’s journey northeast of Baskeet.


10 Responses to About

  1. Getachew Yohannes says:

    Thank you Yvonne. I am glad that you are blogging about Basketo.

    • I am very happy to see that Baskeet people are reading my blog! Don’t hesitate to subscribe to this blog, to comment on my posts and to let people in the Basketo Special Woreda know about it.

  2. manenomatamu says:

    Hi Yvonne! I stumbled upon your blog from the pingback on the World in Words podcast.

    I’m going to start my studies at INALCO next year. It’s a pleasure to read from linguists who are already in the field !

  3. Biniyam Demisse says:

    hi,thank you for showing our culture to the world.

  4. Salambo says:

    Hi Yvonne….This is the first time I take the time to read your blog, your project is very very interesting, but I understand you’re not based full time in Ethiopia, are you? I’m going to put a link to Baskettoethiopia on my blog because of the obvious synergy…..but I would be interested to visit and write about it next time you are around. what do you think?

  5. ras age says:

    Hi Yvonne! i was surprised with your project,continue your documentary and descriptive work of Baskeet and i had one comment to you that is go a head your project on another omotic languge ari (arigena) which was spoken by thus peoples living in gelila which was only 17 k.m from laska. if you willing to do so just contact me for more info with my Email address agegnew1@gmail.com

  6. sule laska hussen says:

    Thanks Evon, we are interested in what you posted!

  7. Anteneh Getachew says:

    Dr. Yvonne thank you for your full of works in Basketo Ethiopia because you lived with the people and you work for the people

  8. Wesen says:

    I wanna to meet with you on private email…wesenalt@gmail.com

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