Gamo and Dorze music

Have a look at this fantastic video of the performances of the Tsalke Ha Hu Folk Group from Gamo – filmed by Vincent Moon and Jacob Kirkegaard in Addis Ababa. An interview with the French film-maker can be read here.

The Gamo video includes four performances. The lyre performance (second part) and the fourth song (which is very probably a mourning song) remind me very much of the music I recorded in Baskeet. (Note that some Baskeet clans, among them the Goshina’ and Goryina’, claim to originate from Gamo.) Unfortunately, there is not no background information about the songs recorded. If there is any Gamo-speaking person out there who could comment on the contents and contexts of the songs, please don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below.

Another filmy by Vincent Moon documents Dorze songs.

The film is taken in the Dorze area and captures the landscape very well. The Dorze live in an altitude up to 3000m above sea-level. The video seems to have been taken on a foggy cold day. Apart from the Dorze songs, the video demonstrates how cotton is spun, how clothes are woven, how enset is harvested and enset bread is baked. If you have read my last post on coffee in Baskeet, then also pay attention to the coffee and the common coffee cups in the middle of the video. Again, I can only guess about the context of the songs (no information is made available by the film-maker): most of them sound like wedding songs or songs for happy occasions to me. The third song (after the coffee), however, sounds like a mourning song which is also common in Baskeet (where it is called Lameyssa). But again, any input by Dorze speakers is very much appreciated.

Other equally fascinating films taken by Vincent Moon in Ethiopia in May and June 2012 can be found here.

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