Gallery: Baskeet lyre players

My last two posts have dealt with the lyre, the most important musical instrument in Baskeet. During my last fieldtrip in Baskeet I have worked with a number of lyre players who readily shared their musical knowledge with me. In this photo gallery, I introduce you to some of the people I have worked with to document the Baskeet lyre songs (click to open the image carousel):

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Acknowledgments: I am grateful to Kaat Kantso Kammo for introducing me to Baskeet lyre music in 2008. I am indebted to all the lyre players that have subsequently shared their music and knowledge with me. I sincerely wish that they will (continue to) teach their children the rich musical tradition of the Baskeet people and that they don’t allow the rapidly spreading Protestant fundamentalism to destroy their valuable cultural heritage irrecoverably. (The all too present Protestant missionaries despise all non-Protestant song traditions and coerce the Baskeet to give up their songs and instruments. Sadly, these missionaries are well on the way to succeed in their task …)
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  1. elias assefa says:

    hello, i admire to you preparing about basket population historical background and cultural use of music instrument. (ethiopia s/n/n/p/r/g south mass media organization arbaminch branch office baskto nation language translator).

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