Picture taken in January 2009 on the field of Donka near Laska, Basketo Special Woreda (Click to enlarge):

Two unknown men visiting the Timket ceremony on the Donki-field near Laska (Basketo Special Woreda)

Two unknown men visiting the Timket ceremony on the Donka-field near Laska (Basketo Special Woreda)

The picture will later help to illustrate the following dictionary entry:

Sample dictionary entry shooka 'sheath'

Sample dictionary entry shooka ‘sheath’

The Baskeet words are given above in a Latin-based script and in a modified Ethiopian script. The latter has been adopted as the official orthography in the Basketo Special Woreda a couple of years ago (before I started to work on the language). A single dot above a syllable sign indicates a long/geminate consonant; a double dot indicates a long vowel. If both the consonant and the vowel of a syllable were long, a triple dot would be used in the Baskeet orthography. (More on the problematic aspects of the Baskeet official orthography in a later post.)

Listen here to the pronunciation of the word: shooka ‘sheath’ (the recording was made with Ambaye Tsedeke).

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