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Baskeet cash crop: Kororima

Baskeet farmers in the highlands* of the Basketo Special Woreda mostly produce food for their own consumption and for the local market. Apart from coffee, the only significant cash crop for the national and international market is “false cardamom”. Its … Continue reading

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Musical instruments: Ultuta

In Baskeet, a variety of instruments are used exclusively during mourning ceremonies but never played at weddings or other happy occasions, among them are different types of wooden and horn trumpets. This is the fourth blog post portraying a “mourning … Continue reading

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Noisy Birds and Language Documentation

Recordings in the field can be easily disturbed. During my Baskeet fieldwork, the most common noises that threaten good-quality recordings are loud evangelical pop music, hee-hawing donkeys, crowing cocks, the steady beat of diesel engines from the mills, and – … Continue reading

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