Baskeet Language References II: Unpublished Works

Yesterday I have provided a list of published works on the Baskeet language. Today I add some references to unpublished theses and manuscripts. Corrections and additions to this list are, of course, very welcome! I intend to update it regularly.

Azeb Amha 1993. The Case System of Basketto. MA thesis, Addis Ababa University.

[The results of the thesis have been published in Azeb (1995). For bibliographic details see here.]

Azeb Amha n.d. [probably 1994]. Pronouns in Basketto. Ms. [No place.] 12pp.

[I am not sure from where and when I got a copy of this manuscript; it was possibly in the Caudwell material that SIL borrowed to me in 2008 in Addis Ababa. In Azeb (1995), this article is announced as “forthcoming in:  Proceedings of the Second International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, April 1992. Addis Ababa: Institute of Ethiopian Studies”. I was not able to find this publication; possibly, the proceedings and this article on Baskeet pronouns were never published.
The manuscript deals with full and enclitic personal pronouns, case marking, coordination and relativisation. The data were collected in Addis Ababa and in Sawla (in the Gofa area).]

Caudwell, Simon 1997-2000. Basketto Data Books. Ms.

[Notes (mostly handwritten) of the Protestant missionary Simon Caudwell are available in the SIL archive in Addis Ababa. He spent a while in Laska (Basketo Special Woreda) in the mid-1990s to set up a Bible Translation Team and to develop an orthography. The Caudwell material consists of literature excerpts, word lists, some grammatical notes, transcriptions of short texts, cassettes with recordings. The material was lent to me before my first trip to Baskeet in 2008. I am grateful to Andreas Joswig for drawing my attention to this material.]

Haileyesus Bala 1998. Masketto Phonology. Unpublished BA thesis. Addis Ababa University.

[So far I have not been able to get a copy of this work. For information on the term “Masketto”, which is used in the title of this work, see here.]

Hompó, Eva 1987. Report on a trip to Basketto. Ms. [No place.] 24pp.

[This report is referred to in various publications on Baskeet, among others, in Azeb (2003) and Sottile (2005) (see bibliographic details here). The author reports about a trip to Sawla, which is, despite the title, not in the Baskeet area but in the heart of the Gofa area and some 40km far from the Baskeet/Gofa border! Reading the report, it seems to me that the author was not aware that she had not yet arrived in the Baskeet area. See, for instance:
“In the streets of Sawla we heard people converse only in Basketto [sic!]. Wolayta and Amharic are not used in everyday communication, not even in shops and bars. The Amharic, Tigrean, Oromo, Wolayta etc. strangers who settle in the town […] usually need to learn everyday Basketto [sic!].”
Apart from questionable sociolinguistic information, the report also contains language data, e.g. example sentences illustrating case marking, definiteness marking and constituent order. The data are Baskeet (not Gofa).]

Sottile, Roberto 2002. Schizzo grammaticale del Basketo (Etiopia sud-occidentale). Unpublished PhD thesis. Università degli Studi di Napoli “l’Orientale”.

[Sottile’s PhD thesis is the most extensive grammatical description of Baskeet that we have so far. However, fieldwork for this thesis has not been carried out in the Baskeet-speaking area but, as far as I know, the author was only able to travel up to Sawla (Gofa) – CORRECTION by Roberto Sottile on 29/05/2016: In fact, he stayed more than a month in Laska at the SIL compound. (YT: Sorry for this error.)
Sottile’s thesis describes the phonology (38pp.), (pro)nominal morphology (102 pp.), verbal morphology (42pp.) and syntax (40pp.). In the appendix, we find a Baskeet word list with comparative data of other Omotic languages (81pp.) of Baskeet. I am grateful to Roberto for having provided me with a pdf-copy of this unpublished thesis.]

These are (presumably) all the publications and grey literature with information on Baskeet circulating so far. As far as I can see (but please correct me!), all publications that have appeared before I started my documentation project contain exclusively elicited data (the only exception being some texts in Caudwell’s archived notes). Furthermore, all data for the above mentioned publications and manuscripts (again with the exception of some of Caudwell’s data) seem to have been collected from Baskeet speakers living outside the Baskeet-speaking area, namely in Gofa, Gamo, Wolaitta and Addis Ababa.*

Did I forget anything in the today’s and yesterday‘s lists of references? Oh yes, there are, of course, all the unpublished manuscripts lying in my own (virtual) drawer, waiting to be revised and published …  :-)


*A possible exception might also be some of Inui’s data. As far as I know, it was collected in Arba Minch, but possibly some of it might also originate from work in the Baskeet area. This remains to be verified.
** Info on Sottile’s PhD thesis was updated on the 29th of May 2016.
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