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Baskeet Language References II: Unpublished Works

Yesterday I have provided a list of published works on the Baskeet language. Today I add some references to unpublished theses and manuscripts. Corrections and additions to this list are, of course, very welcome! I intend to update it regularly. … Continue reading

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Baskeet Language References I: Published Works

One of the important early tasks of a research project and a research paper is to track down all publications and (as far as possible) all grey literature that was produced on the research topic before. In today’s blog I’d … Continue reading

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Numerals in Baskeet

This post is another post in the series “Useful words and phrases in Baskeet”; see earlier posts on thanking and greeting here and here. Today I’d like to introduce the cardinal numerals of Baskeet to you. The numbers from 1 … Continue reading

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