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Church Forest: A documentary in the making

I am using today’s post to point out a fascinating film project to you. The film project is not in any way related to Baskeet or the Basketo Special Woreda but it deals with a topic that is also very … Continue reading

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How to distinguish between parasol trees and maize dumplings in Baskeet

In the newspaper article that I discussed in an earlier post, the journalist mentioned that Baskeet is a tone language. In today’s post I’d like to get back to this statement and explain a little bit what it means to … Continue reading

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Baskeet Proverbs (and the Difficulties in Documenting Proverbs)

When documenting the oral literature of a language in Ethiopia (and probably also elsewhere), local lay linguists and people interested in the promotion of their language often express – very early on – the wish that their proverbs be documented. … Continue reading

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