DVD with Baskeet songs

Today I hold the first copy of a DVD with video clips of Baskeet music in my hand. When I was in the field in December 2010 and January 2011 I made videos of some musical performances, especially of songs played on the lyre. This week my colleague Arghyro Paouri and I edited these videos, added some introductory information on the Baskeet people, the recorded songs and the recorded musicians. The DVD contains 18 video clips of seven musicians: Pettimaasa Bulk’a, Messele Lipaato & Allayo Lanc’o, Tal’ane Abusho & Mahane Dohanbaabo, and Biits’o Its’into & Worada Geebiro.

Here is the jacket of the DVD:

Jacket of the DVD 'Baskeet Songs' by Yvonne Treis

Jacket of the DVD ‘Baskeet Songs’ by Yvonne Treis

The photo on the jacket shows Tal’ane Abusho (left) and Mahane Dohanbaabo (right) performing a wedding song.

I hope to upload the introduction and an example video clip very soon! I am already looking forwarding to distributing this DVD in Baskeet during my next field. I hope that the DVD will be played over and over in the cafés in Laska!

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7 Responses to DVD with Baskeet songs

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  3. Elizabeth Glynn says:

    How could I purchase a copy of your DVD? My daughter is from the Baskeeto!

    Eli Glynn, Newton, NC

  4. carol b says:

    I would love to purchase a copy of this DVD. I am the adoptive mom to two children from baskeet and we know virtually nothing about this area. This would be an amazing treasure to them.

    • The DVD is not sold. It has only been distributed to the speaker community and to some interested colleagues. The videos are not sub-titled yet and the text of the songs is only accessible to Baskeet speakers. I am ok to share the videos but I’d like to make sure that they are not distributed further without my consent. And I’d like to keep track of who the recipients are (outside the Baskeet area). Please contact me by email.

  5. Tesfaye says:

    Wow! I am from Basketo, I lived there about 30 years. I do speak the Basketo language very well, unfortunately I am not there now. I appreciate if I get a copy of this DVD.

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