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Musical instruments: Clay flute

During my last fieldtrip, my assistant Sayed Ali pointed out to me a sound-producing instrument that I had not seen before. The diha-flute is made from clay and has approximately the size of a table tennis ball. There are three … Continue reading

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Leaf trade

The big markets on Thursdays and Saturdays in Laska, the Monday markets in Donki and Bonaara, and the numerous other smaller markets that take place on the other days of the week all over Baskeet are important economic and social … Continue reading

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Baskeet Landmarks: St Mikael Church

This article is another post in the series on landmarks in Baskeet. See earlier posts of this series here (Laska Museum) and here (Laska Roundabout) and here (Laska Thursday Market). The Basketo Special Woreda is divided into 32 small administrative … Continue reading

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