In the field

I have not posted anything in the last three weeks because I am presently in the field in Baskeet. There is no real internet connection – today, however, I am really lucky to get access via my mobile phone.

At the moment I am doing recordings of lyre songs, family eulogies, narratives in verses, wedding songs, mourning songs etc. all over Baskeet – which means a lot of walking from place to place!

Unfortunately, it turns out to be really difficult to find people who still know and play Baskeet songs. Fundamentalist protestantism is spreading extremely quickly in Baskeet (like all over South Ethiopia). Protestants are not only obliged to stop alcohol but also to stop singing their old songs. Only songs worshopping the Christian god are still allowed. Which is really sad – because the songs that I could record tell great stories, include important information on history, social relations and are rich sources of vocabulary for my dictionary. I hope to share some of this knowledge via this blog when I am back at my university desk.

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