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The shared multifunctionality (or polysemy) of grammatical elements across Ethiopian languages has been the topic of a research project that I carried out in the months before I started my Baskeet documentation project. I was (and still am) especially interested … Continue reading

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The Baskeet Museum

The Baskeet Museum is found in Lower Laska (Laska Baakkalla), about 200m south of the main road. It was opened in November 2008. The central building on the museum compound contains a collection of musical instruments, household articles (pottery, calabashes), … Continue reading

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The linguistic landscape of Baskeet

In Baskeet, expressions of written language are relatively uncommon in public places. There are very few road signs, billboards or banners and thus there are not many opportunities to practise reading when walking through the streets. The few signs that … Continue reading

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