Welcome to “Basket to Ethiopia”

Welcome to my blog Basket to Ethiopia.

This is a blog about my work on the Baskeet language and my fieldtrips to Laska, a little town in the Basketo Special Woreda (woreda = small administrative unit) of the Southern Region of Ethiopia.

I have been awarded a two-year project by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme for the documentation of Baskeet song, verbal art and ceremonial language. During the next two years I hope to give you regular updates about the progress of my work, share interesting bits and pieces about the lexicon and grammar of the Baskeet language and tell you about the areas I visited, the people I met and worked with, the new things I learned, the events I participated in …

I have chosen the name “Basket to Ethiopia” for my blog because often when I googled “Basketo Ethiopia” in the past, Google asked me “Did you mean ‘Basket to Ethiopia’?” or simply displayed pages with all kinds of baskets. Google has since learned that I really mean “Basketo Ethiopia” and  at least on my end of the computer these misinterpretations don’t arise any longer. But try out “Basketo Ethiopia” yourself and see what “your” personal Google tells you.

Of course, there are also beautiful baskets made in Basketo and elsewhere in South Ethiopia. See here:

Or here:

These shopping baskets are produced in prisons and then sold on the local markets. For a few Birr (= Ethiopian currency) you can buy these long-lasting products. During my fieldtrips I always took such a basket to the market – this made people in Kambaata (an area in South Ethiopia where I worked before) refer to me as zambeelibiit ‘the one (fem.) with the basket’ when they didn’t know my name.

Whenever I went back home to Germany after my fieldtrips, the Ethiopian baskets were great gifts that my relatives and friends appreciated a lot. It just occurs to me that I could have also called this blog “Basket to from Ethiopia”.

If you are confused by the spellings “Baskeet”, “Basketo” and “basket” – wait for my next post in which I will tell you a bit more about these words.

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3 Responses to Welcome to “Basket to Ethiopia”

  1. Dirk Kievit says:

    That answered my question! I wondered if it was a typo. I was partly right, I guess, because google thought it was a typo. My Google search brought up lots of references to Basketo so Google must have figured out who the Basketo are. All the top articles were about Basketo. Your blog came up sixth (after the Joshua Project and several articles from Wikipedia).

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